Cross Creek West in Fulshear, TX
Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear, TX
Sienna in Missouri City, TX
Woodforest in Montgomery, TX
Imperial in Sugar Land, TX
Grand Central Park in Conroe, TX
Viridian in Arlington, TX
Trinity Falls in McKinney, TX
Riverstone in Missouri City, TX
Harvest Green in Richmond, TX
Lake Arrowhead in Waleska, GA

Our communities are a great place to be at home.

Many builders offer generous incentives that can help make buying a new home within reach today. Discover modern floorplans, money-saving energy efficiencies and beautiful neighborhoods in one of the many highly desirable communities by Johnson Development.

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From townhomes to luxury estate homes and everything in between, our incredible communities offer housing styles sure to fit every age and stage of your life.

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Whether you are looking to relocate to the urban meccas of Dallas and Fort Worth suburbs, have a gateway to outdoor and urban adventures in Austin suburbs surrounded by Texas Hill Country, or discover Houston suburbs that give you the most bang for your buck based on your lifestyle, Johnson Development will help you find the home and community of your dreams.


Webster, TX
Homes from $380s
Richmond, TX
Homes from $380s - $1+ million
Sugar Land, TX
Homes from $700s
Fort Bend, TX
Homes from $1.49 million
Missouri City, TX
Homes from the Upper $200s - Million+
Richmond, TX
Homes from the $500s
Richmond, TX
New Homes from $300s
Fulshear, TX
Homes from $300s
Fulshear, TX
From the $350s
Fulshear, TX
Homes from the $300s+
Katy, Texas
Tomball, TX
Homes from $300s+
Conroe, TX
Homes from the Low $300s+
Hockley, Texas
Homes from the 300s
Magnolia, TX
Welcome Home In Magnolia, Texas!
Montgomery, TX
Homes from $300s - $1 Million +

Dallas/Fort Worth

Arlington, TX
Homes from $380s - $1 Million+
McKinney, TX
Homes from Mid $300 - $900s


Austin, TX
$520,000s to $1+ million
Georgetown, TX
New Master-Planned Community


Waleska, GA
Homes from $300s - $Millions+