10 Benefits of Buying New Construction vs. Resale

10 Benefits of Buying New Construction vs. Resale

One way to help cut through the clutter of the vast array of home choices is to think about why new construction is better than buying a previously owned home. Here are just a few reasons:

More Control Over Design

While you can certainly renovate an older home, the process tends to be laborious and costly. Even with a generous budget, you may still find your options limited for what you can add, remove or modify. With a home that is newly built, you won’t lack for options. You can work with your builder to select a floor plan and finishes to suit your needs so your new home is one that feels perfect for you.

Save Money in the Long Term

You can escape the hassle and expense of maintaining an older home when you buy new. The older the home, the more you can expect to spend every year on keeping it well-maintained, from roof repairs to replacing appliances like air conditioning units and hot water heaters. Home insurance typically costs more for older houses, as well. New homes are also more energy-efficient because of new appliances, windows and insulation, which will make a big difference to your monthly utility bill.

Newer Construction Is Likely Safer Construction

From the latest circuit breakers to roofs with radiant barriers and the newest paint and finishes, newer homes typically offer enhanced safety features.

Modern Conveniences Come with the Home

One of the first things people say when they move from an old home into a new construction is how relieved they are to finally have a modern shower, windows, lights, smart home technology, etc. Imagine the benefits and the modern conveniences of having everything new.

The Right Size Home For You

If you’ve been in your current home for some time, it’s likely it has become too small or too large for your current needs — and the configuration could be all wrong. Families with young children might want play areas within sight. Teens, however, likely prefer a place they can claim as their own. It can be difficult to find an existing home that is exactly the right size for you, which is one reason why many prefer to build their dream home.

Peace of Mind That Comes from Warranties

New homes aren’t impervious to problems, but at least you know that many potential issues would be covered by your home warranty. You can’t say that about most older homes unless you purchase a third-party warranty on top of the price of the home. Also, most third-party warranties won’t cover as much as a builder’s warranty, which is why you have to be careful about checking your contract.

Access to Nearby Amenities

Many homeowners move to a new home because they want to live in a community that offers numerous opportunities for relaxation with amenities like water parks, fitness centers, playgrounds, walking paths and lakes for fishing. Nearby amenities are also a fantastic way of bringing friends and family to visit.

Streaming at Lightning Speed

New homes often feature enhanced structured wiring with Cat-5 or Cat-6 cables and RG6 coaxial cables, all of which allow for faster internet speeds and can accommodate multiple systems — telephone, audio equipment, cable television, home security, home computer networks and internet access. As more people work from home, this is an important feature.

You Can Ask the Builder for References

With a new home, you can often get references from those who bought from the same builder. They can tell you what they think about their decision — a big advantage.

Talk to Your (Soon-to-Be) Neighbors

Active master-planned communities have loads of new construction homes, which often means many residents are new to the community and eager to meet their neighbors. If you want to know what life is like here, all you have to do is ask people who live in the community.

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