Do's and Don'ts of Spring Cleaning

Do's and Don'ts of Spring Cleaning

Its spring and time to go Marie Kondo on your house — or not. We’re pretty sure dirt and dust aren’t things that spark joy, so it shouldn’t be a problem letting them go. What can be a problem is knowing what to do and — more importantly — not to do when giving your house it’s yearly deep clean.

Follow these do’s and don’ts to get every corner sparkling.

Do Make A Plan 

Setting out to just “clean your house” without a plan is time-consuming and exhausting. Instead, figure out where to start, what you need and how much time you have each day.

Don’t Clean from Floor to Ceiling

Huh? Isn’t the point to get everything clean? Well, yes, but if you clean your floor before dusting those ceiling fans where will the dirt you knock off go? Start with ceiling fans, corner cobwebs and other high, hard-to-reach places. Then dust the furniture, vacuum and mop the floor.

Do Open Windows While You Clean 

Deep cleaning your house means using strong chemical agents such as bleach. If you accidently mix cleaning products — say bleach and vinegar, which produces chlorine gas — open windows help prevent damage to your lungs.

Don’t Use Weak Cleaning Products

Using green products is good for the environment but they may not give you the deep clean you want. Use bleach products where you need to. Afterwards you can use green products as long as you clean regularly.

Do Clean Your Windows and Walls 

Dust and dirt settle on walls and windows. Use a microfiber cloth to dust blinds and window sills. A steam cleaner with a squeegee is a great way to clean windows. Wash on a sunny day so the heat will dry the windows without streaking.

Don’t Fear the Bathroom 

There’s more to deep cleaning your bathroom than bleach. Replace your shower curtain, if you have one. Go through your cosmetics drawer or medicine cabinet and throw away any expired items. Stream clean everything including mirrors, floors and countertops.

Do De-clutter

A disorganized home adds to stress levels not only for you but for family members and even visitors. Take time to organize your closets, go through the dreaded junk drawer and get rid of toys. Consider having a “Spring Cleaning” Yard Sale and use the money to celebrate a job well done!

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