Toll Road Extension Opens, More Mobility Improvements On Tap

Toll Road Extension Opens, More Mobility Improvements On Tap

Mobility improvements continue in Sienna, with the opening of the Fort Bend Parkway Toll Road expansion and the passing of a Fort Bend County mobility bond package.

The $43.4 million expansion opened in early November connecting to Sienna Ranch Road via an overpass over Sienna Parkway. Residents living along Sienna Ranch Road can now connect to the toll road — open to U.S. 90 Alt. — without stopping at Sienna Parkway, easing congestion at that intersection.

Three other planned segments will extend the toll road from Sienna Ranch Road to the levee and then to FM 2759 and ultimately State Highway 36.

In more mobility news, voters passed a mobility bond that included funds for the first steps toward the expansion and widening of Sienna Parkway from four lanes to six lanes. The $6.25 million from the bond will be used for design of the project, right-of-way acquisition, construction of a concrete bridge, storm sewer implementation and pipeline relocation — all vital to the start of roadway construction.

Stay tuned for updates on this project as we receive them!

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