What’s Hip in Home Design

What’s Hip in Home Design

2023 is seeing a dramatic departure from some beloved home décor trends that have dominated the color wheel over the past decade (goodbye, greige). Today’s trending design is both more vivid and more thoughtful, working together to create your happy place. Take a look below at 12 current design trends and then step through our design gallery to see examples. Want to see these ideas in person? Visit some of the more than 100 model homes open daily or move-in ready available homes by using our interactive model home map.

Bold color

Rich, dramatic color palettes are in favor and bold, unexpected colors are making a comeback. Whites and neutrals are stepping aside, but if there is a neutral color, it’s going to be a warm beige or light taupe tan. That goes for paint, carpet, upholstery, carpentry, warm natural wood flooring, etc. The grays that have been so popular for the past decade are gone and will stay gone — at least for the foreseeable future.

Bold Colors Interior Design TrendsToll Brothers in Sienna, Missouri City, TX - Bold Colors


Warm tones are making a comeback, and metals are following that trend. Gold is increasingly replacing brushed nickel.

home decor trends with metal accentsHighland Homes in Woodforest, Montgomery, TX - Metals

Wood tones

Warm neutrals and high-gloss wood finishes are trending for 2023. Popular light oaks will be giving way to dark woods such as walnut and mahogany.

home design trends wood cabinets in kitchenHighland Homes in Cross Creek West, Fulshear, TX - Wood Tones


Contrast is the 2023 buzzword when it comes to kitchen design. Dark, leathered granite and soapstone countertops are being paired with lighter cabinets. Top and bottom cabinets have contrasting hues as do islands and wall cabinetry.

Kitchen Design TrendsDavid Weekley Homes in Jordan Ranch, Fulshear, TX - Contrast Kitchens

Intentional spaces

Builders and designers are taking a more holistic approach, with floor plans and interior design created with a homeowner’s mental well-being taken into account. This home/health/happiness approach is leading to more intentional spaces for activities like meditation, yoga, exercise, crafting and creating. These spaces support mental health by allowing the homeowner to unplug from the 24/7 digital lifestyle and connect to what they might find fulfilling. Along with this, designers are exploring how color affects mood and how lighting can impact daily productivity.

Intentional space in home trends and designNewmark Homes in Sienna, Missouri City, TX - Intentional Spaces

Biophilia design

Bringing nature indoors is a trend that continues into 2023. Specifically, watch for desert landscapes, mineral shades, mossy greens, and raw, unfinished textures. Color also supports biophilia design, with softer greens and blue tones that are inspired by nature used as accent colors.

Bedroom Home Design TrendsHighland Homes in Jordan Ranch, Fulshear, TX - Biophilia Designs


Today’s minimalism is a little softer than in previous years when this trend was first popular. Think warm and inviting interiors with smooth natural textures used in uncluttered design.

Minimalism style home interior design stairsChesmar Homes in Cross Creek Ranch, Fulshear, TX - Minimalism


Designers are paying more attention to the various moods lighting can create. Sconces and table lamps provide softer light while LED strip lighting along ceiling edges and underneath cabinets are replacing bright, ceiling task lighting. And while setting a mood, lighting is also being used to create a statement look.

Lighting home interior design trendsHuntington Homes in Woodforest, Montgomery, TX - Lighting


Outdoor living remains popular as people long for comfortable places to enjoy fresh air. Patio tables and chairs are being replaced with comfortable couches where people can relax. The blending of indoor and outdoor ambiance is further enhanced with glass walls that can open to the patio.

home exterior ideas outdoor patioHighland Homes in Edgewater, Webster, TX - Outdoor

Multifunctional Space

Open-concept living still dominates structural home design, but what we’re doing with that space is shifting. Designers are using rugs and furniture to create purposeful zones within open-concept living, including those for conversation, quiet time and learning.

Multifunctional Room David Weekly HomesDavid Weekley Homes in Grand Central Park, Conroe, TX - Multifunctional Rooms

Tech-Integrated Design

Floors, paint, cabinets and countertops aren’t the only design consideration when updating or building your home — you have to think about the functionality of your home through a whole host of technological conveniences. Smart lighting, thermostats, locks, garage doors, video doorbells, window blinds and even ovens and shower heads are popular choices that can make life easier if planned correctly.

Bathroom interior design trendsHuntington Homes in Woodforest, Montgomery, TX - Tech-Integrated Designs

Sustainable Design

Sustainability has made its way into home design, with interior designers turning more and more to using renewable materials such as wool, cotton, bamboo, linoleum, and cork for furniture, flooring and other building materials.

sustainable living room interior design trends WoodforestHighland Homes in Woodforest, Montgomery, TX - Sustainable Designs


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