Why Choose a Master-Planned Community?

Why Choose a Master-Planned Community?

Subdivision or master-planned community? Is there a difference? Yes. A subdivision is simply an area of land broken up into neighborhoods of houses. A master-planned community is just that — a community. People choose master-planned communities because they offer more than houses. They provide an exceptional lifestyle for their families. Take a look at some of the benefits of choosing a Johnson Development community.

Great Locations

Master-planned communities are built in prime locations that allow easy access to employers and great schools as well as dining, entertainment and recreational opportunities. 

There’s Always a Plan

Master-planned communities are, well, planned. Developers like Johnson Development reserve areas for on-site schools, mixed-use retail centers and office space. The location of these on the edges of the communities creates a buffer between outside development and the residential neighborhoods.

A Range of Home Choices

Master-planned communities don’t offer cookie-cutter style homes, rather they invite in a variety of builders, who then offer a range of highly customizable floor plans. Within any master-planned community you will find everything from patio homes to luxury residences. See all of our builders.


Residents of master-planned communities never lack for things to do. Amenity packages can be as simple as a resort-style pool and fitness center or as complex as golf courses, on-site farms and water parks.

Safe Neighborhoods

Master-planned communities provide a feeling of safety and security with many patrolled by neighborhood security. Also, they are farther removed from commercial and industrial areas. Neighbors look out for neighbors. Master-planned communities also don’t have the traffic that open neighborhoods have, reducing the amount of safety concerns.

Great Neighborhoods Without the Upkeep

Homeowners associations are a part of any master-planned community. Their purpose is to keep neighborhoods looking great, maintain amenities and preserve the value of your home. Homeowner associations help to keep the common areas beautiful, the pool clean and the re-sale value of your home high.

A Sense of Community

Traditional neighborhoods don’t always offer a strong sense of community. It may be hard to meet your neighbors, plan activities or borrow a cup of sugar. Master-planned communities aren’t like that. Many communities hire full-time lifestyle directors to plan activities, clubs and outings everyone can enjoy.

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